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The goal for any senior and their family is to live safely and securely in their home for as long as possible. Statistics support the fact that almost everybody would prefer to remain at home, but sometimes this can be managed only at a cost to the senior and/or their family, and the costs can vary from minimal to extensive, depending on the health of the individual. Sometimes, a home safety assessment by a registered Occupational Therapist will result in suggestions which may include; the removal of area rugs which may be a trip hazard; the installation of grab bars; the removal of car?pet and the installation of flooring to allow for easier movement across flat surfaces, perhaps because a rollator walker or wheelchair is required. At other times, recommendations could be made which include a variety of more significant renovations, including a new bathroom to allow for level entry into the tub/shower enclosure, replacement of vanities to allow a wheelchair to move closer; and enlargement or re-design of the bathroom to allow for the wider turning radius required by a wheelchair. Aging in place can be accomplished with varying costs which must also be weighed alongside the wishes of the senior, and the costs of alternative housing options. Ultimately, the options are many and are determined by a combination of factors: the level of care giving necessary; the involvement of family; the needs and wants of the senior; and financial resources.

Should You Relocate?

Following a complete analysis of the persona needs and finances required to remain safely in their home through modifications, the decision to relocate may be made instead. It may be that the senior and their family cannot or will not spend the required funds to make the home safe, or they decide that smaller accommodations would better suit their lifestyle and needs at this later life stage. We will help you make the decision that is right for you. We will help clarify the options, make recommendations, and assist you with whatever decision is made to help you. If you choose to relocate, we will manage the entire process for you in a caring, dedicated and compassionate manner, utilizing all of our available resources to make it a seamless and successful transition. We will do the work for you.

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